Try out now! Measure your speed level and win a tennis camp trip to Bulgaria.

All games and training of the SERVE Open are an offer for young and old tennis player and regardless of your skill level, because we are playing it in 6 different speed classes.

Serve Competition - Tennis Service Championchip for Everyone

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The SERVE Open is a Tennis Serve competition and emphasizes skill and self-assessment of your own service execution and appeals to a wide audience by division into different competitions (6 speed classes). The SERVE Open is free for all participants.

How fast is your serve?

We bet that anyone who can throw a ball 20 yards, can serve a tennisball with a tennis racket over 100 km / h. Hitting the target is purely a matter of practice. Try it !



Event dates

of the Tennis - Serving Competition and Training of the SERVE Open.

Calendar of tournament

Calendar 2018



12 Aug. Hamburg Serving competition of the SERVE Open. We meet at the tennis facility of the THC am Forsthof e.V.
SERVE Open at 11:00 a.m »


Tennis serve competition for everyone

The SERVE Open will be played for the eighth time on the Tenniscenter at Bramfelder See in 2018 and was launched in 2011 as a "fun" competition by the THC am Forsthof with the aim of promoting regional tennis in the north of Hamburg.

Tender of tournament

Event Organizer: See the tournament calendar
Place: Address of the  tennis court
siehe Lageplan / Anfahrt »
Schedule: Date and start of the event
form xx.00 till xx:30 Uhr
Divisions: Eligible to play: Everyone
Team Entry:

Teams are requested to register in advance.

Format of the competition:

Your rating:
You serve the tennis ball 6 times, two on each target. The best are counted to your scoreboard.. We are playing in 6 different speed classes.

Winner: Player with the highest score.

small prizes and certificates for the winners / teams and clubs

participation fee:


Food: During the games through the club gastronomy
  Award ceremony after the competition


We are playing in 6 different speed classes, whether as a kid, teen or world champion tennis player.

1.  white OverGrip   to 80 km/h
2.  yellow OverGrip   to 100 km/h
3.  green OverGrip   to 120 km/h
4.  blue OverGrip   to 140 km/h
5.  red OverGrip   to 160 km/h
6.  black OverGrip
  from 161 km/h


In even-numbered years, we serve from the Ad Side - right Side, in the other years on the advantage side (no-ad - right side). Participants can call themselves Grand Slam Winners, if they have achieved two consecutive victories in their speed class.

All winners of the 6 speed classes will receive a winner certificate.


Your Score and how to win

Example Score - one pass per match


Player A: (max. Score)
  left center right RATING (Score)
1. Serve





2. Serve




best off 
10 / 10

Player B:
  left center right RATING (Score)
1. Serve





2. Serve




best off 
4,5 / 10
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SERVEOPEN - Zielscheiben für die SERVE OpenTennis serve - Targets right / center / left